Sopan Enclave Apartment



S.No. Type Super Area Sqm Super Area Sqft Estimated Price (in lakhs)
1 Sopan Enclave Phase- 1, 2 BHK (Type-1) 102.15 sqm 1100.00Sqft 39.64
2 Sopan Enclave Phase- 1, 2 BHK (Type-2) 100.2 sqm 1079.00 Sqft 38.88
3 Sopan Enclave Phase- 1, 2 BHK (Terrace) 107.8 Sqm 1160.00 Sqft 41.02
4 Sopan Enclave Phase- 1, 3 BHK 121.15 Sqm 1304.00 Sqft 47.01
5 Sopan Enclave Phase- 2, 2 BHK 84.28 Sqm 907.00Sqft 37.88
  • Parking, corpus fund, maintenance charges, free hold charges etc. will be charged extra as per rule.


  • This apartment is about 500 meters from Sitapur Main Road, about 5 km from Technical University / Lucknow University / Engineering College, about 300 meters from Highway Hospital at Sitapur Main, about 400 meters from Mahibullapur Railway Station and about from Keshav Nagar Police Check Located 200 meters away.
  • The above apartments have been prepared by checking its quality by government institutions.
  • Apartment drawing design has been prepared by the high-grade architect.
  • In addition to parking there is plenty of open space for walking around the Srijan apartment.


This apartment, Priyadarshini Yojana, being located in the middle of the planned colony of Lucknow Development Authority, has constructed 30.00 m, 12.00 m and 9.00 m wide roads as per the rules. Apart from this, large parks have been constructed for walking and playing. A community center has been constructed by the allottees for organizing any kind of function.

Shri Ajay Panwar
Executive Engineer

Shri Rajiv Kumar Khare
Assistant Engineer

Shri Zakir Ali
Junior Engineer

Shri Susheel Kumar
Junior Engineer

Shri Rajiv Kumar

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Sopan Enclave Apartment